Tuesday, September 30, 2003

New Color Scheme 

Yup. Figured out how to get new colors here. Looks better, still not great.

Another Test 

No, I didn't take a test. I'm testing this website right here. This whole "Blogging" thing is a bit strange to me. I used to post to bulliten boards on local BBSes, but that was years ago and only the people that called up the BBS ever saw my stuff. Here the whole world could potentially read this. Bit more pressure. Of cousre, if like most bloggers I get myself to read and no one else, then I guess it won't really matter how many people could potentially read this, because none of them do.

Thought: If we can sucessfully keep all the blog stuff out there, future generations will have a huge amount of information available to study our social interactions, etc... I'm thinking back here to reading journals of sailors at Williams-Mystic. It's just that paper lasts much longer than electrons. Well, I don't mean electrons per se, I mean electronic data storage. yup, that stuff.


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